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tip sheet UTMB®

The UTMB ® is undoubtedly one of the World’s finest mountain races from a variety of courses around the alpine roof of Europe. An unmissable event whose fame is legendary!

 The Word of Cyril COINTRE, 5th at the UTMB 2010

Try to mentally dramatize the event, although this will be hard because the challenge is so great it will help come the day. If you arrive on the day physically prepared but not mentally then there is a risk you will lose the day.

You must try to turn all this stress, these dreams and other nightmares that accompanied you in all those prerace nights in a positive energy that will push you to challenge yourself...

One final point with specific regards to equipment and food; come race day avoid last minute plans and keep to tested items that you have used several times before. The race itself can provide many surprises along the course so it is best try and at least reassure yourself on what you can control and optimize; such as food and equipment.

There you are, with the music of Vangelis at start in the ears, you feel to the conquest of a new world, that of the Ultra. Chills pass through the body, the departure is given and you are going to live this long journey, punctuated by difficulties and extraordinary moments, wide open your eyes and away you go... 

The advice of the Raidlight Team to prepare for the UTMB ®

Despite the side festivities that frame this event, do not forget that it is a serious mountain course: climate conditions change between the mountain passes and valleys and therefore close attention should be given to providing versatile equipment to guard against the cold, particularly at night where the temperature can lower to freezing.

Moreover, this kind of sustained effort requires a specific power management, this is why dietitian Nicolas Aubineau, offers advice on how to manage at best before and during the race.

Finally, you will find  a few training tips that will be useful for your preparation to this great challenge.

Good reading!


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