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Light, ergonomic, astute products

Raidlight is a range of innovative, technical and... astute outdoor sports products. “We’re always looking for a useful trick, not a gadget but an innovation”, observes Benoît Laval, he doesn’t work with design consultants but gets his work partners and customers to put their thinking caps on and use their muscles.
To differentiate themselves the “ligérienne” brand develops higher ergonomic, higher functional and always lighter products. These technically high performance products must respond to the needs of the user, whether that user be a runner in the Marathon des Sables, a hiker along the Saint James’ Way, or a competitor in an orienteering race.

L as in Lightness. A lightweight product is synonym of performance AD comfort. When you run with 2kg less on your back, you’re obviously going to move faster. When you’re on the Saint James’ Way with 8kg instead of 15kg the going is much easier, more comfortable and there is less backache.

Light, this 160g rain jacket, made in a particularly lightweight water-proof fabric that is breathable at the same time. This garment has been in the Raidlight catalogue since its creation in 1999.

T as in Tips. Tips don’t come by order . They simplify things that are complicated. Small tips from our customers are really appreciated by Raidlight who then adapt them to their products.

Artful the Raidlight foldable hiking pole. It’s the lightest on the market, weighing only 120g in comparison to other brands weighing in at 220 to 230g. It’s the most compact, is easily packed away in a backpack and folds up at lightning speed!

E as in Ergonomic, accessible and comfortable. A hiker, a runner must have easy access to everything that is needed, a camera, a compass, energy bars. All the storage pockets must be close to hand. When running long distances, at the end of a 100km, you don’t want to have to think, everything must be within easy reach.
Ergonomic like this stomach pack, a few clicks and it adapts to the backpack, redistributing weight and giving relief to the back. It also allows easy access to a flask and to easy map reading.

H as in Hydrophobic. In association with a firm from the Ardeche region of France that devised the fabric for new swimming wetsuits, Raidlight has designed a range of garments for racing that is water resistant. This revolutionary fabric has the characteristic of being completely Hydrophobic.

Hydrophobic, this R-DRY range keeps you far less wet when you’re out in the rain and it evacuates transpiration. Because of its extraordinary responsiveness and resistance, part of our range is compressive, to improve circulation and recovery during effort.

A as in Affordable. To stay within price ranges, Raidlight puts a lot of importance on cost control, so that its products are affordable to all who practice running, hiking,...
Affordable the Raidlight combi duvet, a two-in-one product combining a sarcophagus-shaped feather sleeping bag that transforms within a few seconds into a parka for the bivouac.

P as in Pilat. The Pilat is the plateau perched at an altitude of 1000m a few kilometres from Saint-Etienne and from Lyon. This is where all Raidlight products are designed, in the middle of pine forests and heather covered moors. Come and see us!!!

Remarks collected by V. Charbonnier – Independent journalist

10 Giugno 2014

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