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Kms Raidlight - Explanations


The “Km-Raidlight” describe your journey on our website. The more you participate, the more you earn, the more you earn, the more you have access to privileged gifts.

To get points:

From Actions Points
 Our community Step on a podium, under the banner of Team Raidlight, major race 1 000
  Step on a podium under the banner of “Raidlight Team” 500
  Be published in a magazine, wearing a product Raidlight * 500
  Write an article that will be published in news Raidlight (if selected)* 100
  Suggest carpooling journeys 50
  Sign up for a race under the name “Raidlight Team” * 20
  Drop a video in the library** 20
  Write an article on your blog** 20
  Join a carpool 20
  Take an aperitif 20
  Drop a photo in the library** 10
  Create a new topic on the forum** 10
  Write a message on the forum** 5
  Write a comment** 5
  If you are planning an event … according to event
Conception Suggest a product enhancement** 50
Shop Write a comment about a product** 50

* Scan to provide
** Contributions are limited by 3 contributions per day (3 messages, 3 comments, 3 videos ...)

This board may change permanently

If you are a member of the Team, you get with your points:

Basic Pack (your first-Km Raidlight will be charged successively for those products) Km-Raidlight
Logo kit (3 badges to sew and 3 thermo-adhesive badges) 500
1 after race jersey 500
Logo kit (3 sewing badges and 3 thermo-adhesive badges) 500
A Team cap 500
Special Operations (invest your km-Raidlight as you wish ...)  
Free participation for 4 days at Mont Blanc Academy Team * 2 000
Training of 2 days in the Pilat 1 000

* Limited

Technik shirt for men*
Seamless Meryl shirt for women*

* The first 50 registered

Board in progress, lots of new things will come soon, give your ideas on the forum ...

10 Giugno 2014

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