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Eco-design, of course by Raidlight!

"Raidlight attempts at its own level to contribute to sustainable development.
We recognize that nature is our playground, and the interest of protecting it for future generations. Raidlight made of eco-design without realizing it. When we create a backpack twice lighter than the others, we use fewer raw materials, less transport ... A lot of criteria for eco-design can be found in the natural values of our product concept. Since 2007, we decided to go further and have identified concrete actions on our products.

Since this year., we integrate bamboo fiber or polyester recycled to make clothes. We do not use "organic" to the detriment of the technical for the sport. For the bamboo fiber, the characteristics of a conventional polyester (breathability, drainage…), and this fiber provides additional benefits (naturally anti-bacterial, UV protection…). It is "organic", but technical any more!

Another line of development is to develop less polluting solutions for organizers or hiking trail: BIO-balisage© to trace paths without plastic, ECO-Tasses© in order to not use cups with refreshments . Other projects are under development.

This pragmatic approach to eco-responsibility has become a focus of strategic development, which led to the hiring of someone to lead the creation and adaptation of products in this direction."

Interview by V. Charbonnier - Freelance journalist

10 Giugno 2014

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